Payroll System

Oil and Gas

PPS is an advanced web-based application that automates crew operations and payroll process for petroleum business. It suppoert timesheets, budget planning and forecasting and more. The system has the ability to handle multiple projects and calculates actual and expected cost during period.

Why should I use Payroll? 

The System helps administrators to manage users’ permissions and adjust system configurations. The system validates on each field to meet the business requirements. It can be used over internet due to the multi-level of security used to protect the data safe. It can provide a user name and password for each user. The system logs the actions made on each record in the system providing its date and time and the user who performed the action.  

Key Features

Given their broad experience with 

The Benefits

  • serves different departments.  
  • serves unlimited number of users.   
  • central administration and management.  

Technologies and Software

  • Web Applications  
  • Mob Application (IOS , Android)