CPS - Smart Car Parking System

Shipping and Logistics

CPS - Smart Car Parking System lets you easily find and pay for parking using our free app or online for spaces across the country.

Key Features

Given their broad experience with 

The Benefits

  • System helped to replace the paper-based system and link between all departments in company 
  • User can access system from any place because it web based system 
  • Facility to manage all role for all employee according their permission in company 
  • Helping CEO of company to Profit Margin Tracking, overdue payment tracking and booking tracking  
  • Helping customers to track their booking developments by using Shipment Tracking service  
  • System help to Collect all available data about client in one place that that facilitate follow-up developments the client  
  • Collect all prices for all service to help all employee in sales department  
  • System help to tracking Quotes that offer each client from beginning introduce Quotes till actually execute  

Technologies and Software

  • Web App  
  • Mob Application (IOS , Android)