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Our mission is to create an environment where students are inspired to be their best.

We’re a team of engineers, educators, and lifelong learners who wake up every day thinking about igniting students’ passion for learning and solving the challenges teachers and administrators face in making it happen. Join us and inspire students to be their best.

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Why ITSpark?

ITSpark is a leading professional software services provider. Offering fast, professional, customizable services and software consultancy to meet today’s growing business needs for all clients. We comprehend today fast paced business environment and challenging demands and that is why we evolve our self’s to insure meeting and exceeding all requirements and needs of existing and new clients with nothing but excellence. We offer multiple solutions to help our clients improve their business further to compete in today’s market and deliver the required edge. We provide an array of services stemming from web and related technologies.

Who are we ?

Our Team

We love what we’re building, but we love why and who we’re building it with even more. We care about delivering value to our users—and at Seesaw that begins with teamwork. We’re not afraid to ask for help and we always have each other’s back.

Our team

Our Team

Join our Team

Join our team and inspire students to be their best.

We are experiencing tremendous growth and provide a vital solution in this virtual time learning for teachers all over the world.

  • We prioritize work-life balance. We encourage everyone to work sustainably

  • Join our team and inspire students to be their best.

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